Dust Opera

Album release

6/9/20211 min read

Pleased to announce the release of another exciting collaboration called ‘Dust Opera’, with a supremely talented artist called Distyle.

I am super proud to present to you my new opus DUST OPERA which I produced with the divine Caroline Joy Clarke who put her crystal voice on my compositions. Through these 8 songs, we have tried to fuse modernity and classicism through the fusion of opera and electronic music as a love story rooted in the movement of humanity which has determined our story .”

I love working with Franck's eclectic, excellently produced tracks. You can listen to the whole thing here: https://album.link/vr7wtq3tk4dk2“, but here's a taster of one of my favourites from the album which, unlike the others, is just my voice... Franck supplied me with the inspirational idea and I got to work with my vocal ideas: