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Vocal Promo

This is my latest showreel, which gives highlights of some recent projects as well as providing you with an idea of my range, versatility and the recording quality I provide for my clients. Also some lovely quotes from people I've worked with!

My voice was featured in this track which can be found on the debut solo album by Vince Clarke, "Songs of Silence".

The album, which Vince recorded during the Covid lockdowns, has received high praise from the press. For me it was exciting to get the chance to work with a musician that admired so much when I was growing up!

Passage (Vince Clarke)

This is one of my own songs, written on a cold, bright winter's day during the pandemic. David Gaukroger accompanies me beautifully on the Steinway piano in St. Laurence's Church in Ludlow. Simon Peter King ( did a wonderful job with the sound and filming!

How Still The Day (Caroline Joy Clarke)

Vissi d'arte (Puccini)

One of my favourite arias by one of my favourite composers! David Gaukroger accompanies me again in St. Laurence's Church in Ludlow. Sound and film by Simon Peter King (

And There Rises From Somewhere (Autumn Tears)

January 2023 found me working on this video for another epic song for Autumn Tears!

All filmed around my hometown of Ludlow, this was the final video to be released before the album "Guardian of the Pale" was released in March 2023.

All tracks downloadable at:


So proud to have added my vocals to this Mercedes-Benz spec advert, highlighting a topic very close to my heart... PUDDING!!

Unmaker of Worlds (Autumn Tears)

This is the official video for “Unmaker of Worlds” from the Autumn Tears album "Widowing".

Downloads of all tracks from the album are available at:

'3000' - Film soundtrack

It was a joy to collaborate with French composer Belzifer again, this time on the soundtrack of a short film called ‘3000’.

I composed and recorded the vocals above Belzifer’s hauntingly beautiful track.

Throw it Over (Autumn Tears)

Autumn Tears released “The Glow of Desperation” in 2021 and featured my vocals on several tracks, including three of my original songs .

Here is "Throw It Over", the idea for which began when I was in my late teens... so it was an achievement for me to finally finish it!

Downloads are available at: